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small blue flowers with green leaves in the foreground and on the top right corner
Forget-Me-Nots are a lovely flower to add to your garden. Among many other lovely characteristics, these blue blooms are the Alaskan state flower. #flowergardening
small blue flowers with yellow centers are in the foreground, and green border around them
Forget me not Flowers
small blue flowers with green leaves in the background
Exploring Nature
Forget-Me-Not flowers <3 state flower of my birth state
small blue and white flowers in the grass
How to Grow Forget-Me-Nots at Home in a Pot | Hunker
Forget-me-not. A legend about the origin of the name forget-me-not is as follows. Once a medieval knight and his lady-love were walking beside a river. The knight held a bouquet in his hands. Because of the weight of the armor, he fell into the water. According to the legend, he threw the bouquet at her shouting forget-me-not.
blue flowers are in a white cup on top of an open book, sitting on the ground
many pink and blue flowers in a field
春を知らせる空色の小花 Forget-me-not ワスレナグサ
春を知らせる空色の小花 Forget-me-not・ワスレナグサ - GardenStory (ガーデンストーリー)
small blue flowers with yellow centers on a dark background
Lemmikki forget me not