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Naomi Nevill - British jewellery designer & maker specialising in vitreous enamelling. Unusual vibrant jewellery, statement pieces, cloisonné wiring, goldsmithing and silversmithing.

Enamel, Isomalt, Polish, Vitreous Enamel, Enamels

Suzanne Syz ‘Sex on the Beach’ Ring in enamel and pink gold set with one fancy deep grayish yellowish green diamond, fancy mixed color diamonds and diamonds.


The Iron Crown of Lombardy (Corona Ferrea) is both a reliquary and one of the oldest royal insignia of Christendom. It was made in the Early Middle Ages, and worn by Constantine I.


Cool hostels from all over Europe that you need to stay at least once in your life! A real caste, a former recording studio and even a hostel set in prison.

Colors. By Kavaev.

Colors. By Kavaev.