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Pale people are so fucking pretty. I can't fucking pull off my pale skin.

Laura Makabresku

"I like it how your stubble turns my landscape into a map, the red patches, a topography, of all the places you've been"….

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Mellor after his return to the human realm. The royals choose to give him a…

Shadow Aspect

Anna Morosini I really enjoy the very subtle and soft tones happening in this image its very minimal but it works well

Marty Nagalla: Fair Innocence

Marty Nagalla: Fair Innocence

I have to admit to being mildly obsessed with the porcelain, milky white skin of those born lacking pigment. Albinism is is a congenital dis.

collarbones and bows

Everything pale skinned and fabulously delicate! ~ Click the image for some tips and tricks on getting beautiful pale skin .

© Tamara Dean ~ Procession ~ 2013 photograph on archival fibre based cotton rag paper at Tim Olsen Gallery Sydney Australia