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Aroace memes
“you okay?” no mf someone please explain to me how to differentiate platonic and romantic feelings??? with a cat next to it aww
how do y’all do this😐
the face of a monkey with two different facial expressions, one saying that someone is playing video games
Coming out is gonna be a struggle
an image of the words,'unpopular opinion time'in white on a green background
y'all are gonna hate me but i mean
an advertisement for the tik app, which is designed to look like it's coming
it ruined my life i hate it and everyone on it
a hand holding up a piece of paper that has been drawn on it with pictures and words
an image of some people on twitter
an image of flags with names and pictures on them that say me in different languages
a poster with the words what you should not assume about an asexual
a woman wearing glasses giving the thumbs up sign
This isnt mine, I got it off of Pinterest but I thought it was funny so I'm putting here
two women sitting on top of boxes with the caption why did no one tell me about this?
why am i just seeing this🥹☝🏾⁉️
an image of a man dressed up in a costume
an animated comic strip with the caption'you'll change your mind you haven't met the right person what about children?
Aro and Ace Memes
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Aro And Ace Memes - 𝟙𝟛
two birds sitting on top of a tree branch with leaves in front of them and one bird saying what?
a pink book cover with an image of a person throwing papers in the air and text that reads, do you ever?
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nah bc i have no idea
the words do you ever respond to someone in a tone that u didn't mean to make
Relatable 🥲👊✨
two stick figures with speech bubbles saying we need to talk what is this about?
‎VSCO: Photo & Video Editor
a cartoon character with many different types of food in his head and thought bubble above it
c / food
the words are written in black on a pink and purple background with an orange hue
i literally don't know when to be quiet or when to talk sometimes 😶
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the words life's fun until your drawing doesn't turn out how you expected
an orange background with the words i have two sides drawing, not drawing for months
Not my pin !!!
a pink background with the words, if you're stuck a break up, have you ever tried over a math question
i can’t even get the easiest questions correct 💪🥶
the words i only go to school bc it's illegal not to learn english
a cartoon drawing of a man in bed with the caption, absolutely no one me at 3am
five stars are arranged in the shape of a rectangle with one star on each side
Really Funny Pictures
i had sm apps
i had sm apps
an orange poster with the words pinterest has two sides
a pink heart with the words people who type so fast that they spell everything wrong
a yellow background with different emoticions that say,'since when did pinterest have sound effects when you save a pin?
a pink background with hearts and the words you're so quiet what u want me to mean or something
the words gunshots are written in black on a pink background with lots of hearts