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Incredible image as Space Shuttle blasts into space while F15 fighter plane…

Birds Eye View of Shuttle Launch. Gabriel Green and Capt. Zachary Bartoe patrol the airspace in an Strike Eagle as the Space Shuttle Atlantis launches May at Kennedy Space Center, Fla. Photo credit: U.S.

The A-10's sexy ass 7 barrel Gatling

Although the can carry considerable disposable stores, its primary built-in weapon is the 30 mm Avenger Gatling gun. One of the most powerful aircraft cannon ever flown, it fires large depleted uranium armor-piercing shells.


A booby trap is a device set up to be triggered by an unsuspecting victim. As the word trap implies, they often have some form of bait designed to lure the victim towards it. The device is triggere…


soldiers-of-war: “ SOUTH VIETNAM. An Loc. Russian-built North Vietnamese tank destroyed by US bombers. Photograph: Bruno Barbey/Magnum Photos ” Those are ARVN troops walking by.