Mardžána Wagnerová

Mardžána Wagnerová

Život je jen způsob, jak odhodit sny a naděje.
Mardžána Wagnerová
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HimalayanTahr - Goat

HimalayanTahr - Goat / Himalayan Tahr in his full winter glory, and golden mane flowing in the wind. Himalayan Tahr were transplanted to New Zealand in they have thrived in a habitat that is very similar to their native home in the Himalayan mountains.

“Often we hear the teachings so subjectively that we think we’re being told what is true and what is false. But the dharma never tells us what is true or what is false. It just encourages us to find out for ourselves.” --Pema Chodron, Comfortable With Uncertainty

"Pathway" this is my death in a painting, I am in a forest on a path, my father greets me♡- Wentworth, Yorkshire, England by Canonshot Mole

Nature is one of God's good gifts. Isn't this amazingly beautiful? Love, love, love!

My mom loved calla lilies. And she always said calla lily is an old Hollywood Accent. So of course, when I see them I do the same thing. :) Credit: Calla Lily Valley, Big Sur (By Yan Photography)

Science is beautiful - virus

Swine Flu -Credit: Image courtesy of Ivan Konstantinov, Yury Stefanov, Aleksander Kovalevsky, Yegor Voronin – Visual Science Company

.soap bubbles magnified. Who could have thought to find such intricacy of colors inside your shower...worth the name of the best designers name "Gaia"

these are magnified soap bubbles, the chemicals in the soaps show up as bright colours when magnified.