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What if you don't know he your hitman and he becomes your friend first and takes you to place you've always wanted to go like the beaches in Spain and when the sun is setting he looks at you with such sad eyes "this time with you has been wonderful" and a kajillion thoughts go into your head 'is he going to die' and you just sorta accept it and look back at the sunset. Then it goes black. You're dead, he killed you while you were doing the thing you've always wanted to do.

the hitman/woman falls in love while helping a victim with something on the bucket list, then decides to help check off the whole bucket list and at the end the vic falls in love too

Writing Prompt

You are an archaeologist working on a dig. When you find a thick pane of glass, you dust the dirt away, and see the inside of a massive bio-dome, hidden for too long. Only one organism is inside, and it was meant to be forgotten.

Writing Prompt

this could be a great creepy story, but actually If red completely disappeared there would be no more orange, purple, pink, etc. Your skin would look different and anything else that contains a variant of red