Better Than A Box

Better Than A Box

And I...... will always love you!

Karaoke kitty singing "Roxaaaaaaaaaane you don't have to put on the red light!

Awww, teeny tiny kitten!

Mama Cat Has an Interesting Brood - 20th April 2016

Did you know that 9 out of 10 kitties never have a home? They suffer brutal short lives. Please be responsible, neuter and get their shots. Have a heart, they CAN'T take care of themselves, they depend on you.


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Tuna >>> The cute dog that thinks big about the body positive movement. :)

Why Tuna Is The Most Inspiring Dog On The Internet

This is what SWAG is all about…Look, It's Phteven, all dressed up :) LMAO! I can not look at Phteven and not burst out in laughter! I LOVE IT!

Tuna the Dog

Tuna asked me if he could showcase his best physical attributes for all of you, and I said "obviously." So ladies and gentlemen, here is his impressive his crumbled chin, his aggressive overbite and his recessed jaw.


Tuna (Phteven) Is The Funniest Dog Make sure you look at all of them, crack up. Yes, this is Phteven

♥ Adorable baby Sphynx

Ok so hairless cats aren't typically cute. But this cat- adorable! I would get a hairless cat based off of this!