{Editable} Daily Schedule Cards - Primary Color Polka Dots.  Type your subjects into text boxes!

{Editable} Daily Schedule Cards - Primary Color Polka Dots

Description: These daily schedule cards are perfect for any elementary classroom! The product includes 120 schedule cards, each in 7 color choices.

Stone PAVERS become stone PLANTERS | Upcycled Garden Style | Scoop.it

Stone PAVERS become stone PLANTERS

CEMENT PAVER PLANTER BOXES: All you need are a few - pavers, - landscape-block adhesive, and a little time. Wait 24 hours for everything to cure and you're ready to move your new planters into place and fill them with dirt and greenery.



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Editable Owl labels may print these on cardstock or full label sheets as they do not fit a certain size.

These cute name tags will look lovely for your little paleontologists, while they're learning about dinosaurs. The name tag size is 9 x 6 cm. I put smaller size on the preview file.Note: Do you think a unit about dinosaurs, or math and literacy unit with dinosaurs theme is a good idea? :)THANK YOU NOTE:~ Thank you, Kalyn for your purchase -- March 2015~ Thank you, Angela for your purchase -- April 2015~ Thank you, Amanda for your purchase -- May 2015~ Thank you, Lee and Grace for your…

Dino Name Tags for Your Little Paleontologists


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