Eva Longoria's Long Balayage Layers #hair #celebrity

Hair Color Trends 2018 - Highlights Eva Longoria's Long Balayage Layers Discovred by : Jo Amato

Bruce Willis...Oh, YEAH!

Wallpaper and background photos of Bruce Willis in sunglasses. for fans of Bruce Willis images.

Bruce Willis & Bella

Bruce Willis w/ dog Bella! :) Even bad-ass action stars love dogs!


face scruff and a cigar (oh and Bruce Willis - major old man crush)

"How many drinks will it take you to leave with me?" Striking Distance. Bruce Willis.

Pin for Later: The Hottest Shirtless Guys in Movies Bruce Willis, Striking Distance Bruce Willis contemplates pouring himself some more scotch — and whether or not to shave his chest.

Bruce Willis is gorgeous and has aged like a fine wine

BRUCE WILLIS - Organized religions are dying forms. They were all very important when we didn't know why the sun moved. Modern religion is the end trail of modern mythology.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is who I've pictured as Ed forever. Does he match what you had in mind, too? If not, feel free to post a picture that matches your vision of Detective Winslow.