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a stuffed animal wearing a hat on top of a blanket
a gray cat with big blue eyes and fangs on it's face is shown
Aequimanus Handicraft Stuff
Felt Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)
a white bowl with a drawing of a hedge on it
Dětská miska „Spící ježek“ / lavmi
an image of a red fox on a white background with the words pinterest
fox- so awesome! I really need to expand my style to include some pieces that are like this
a bird sitting on top of a bear in the water
Machine Embroidery Design Bathing Bear
Embroidery Design "Bathing Bear"
an art print with many cats wearing glasses
by hanna melin
three different types of moths with spots and dots on their wings, one is pink, the other is yellow
worth 1000 words: embroidered moths - Small for Big
These embroidered moths are so stinkin' cute! I've always loved how fuzzy and soft real ones look.
a butterfly is sitting on top of a glass holder with scissors and thread spools next to it
Found - Mister Finch
I seriously love pincushions... and never feel I have enough of them... this one is so beautiful. Butterflies by Mister Finch http://www.etsy.com/shop/MisterFinch
several different birds and animals are depicted in this painting, including a bird with long beaks
Jenny Keith-Hughes
two cats and a dog are standing in a circle with arrows on the wall behind them
Tu veux bien être mon chien d'honneur?