Marcela Maff

Marcela Maff

Jsem Thelma i Luisa. Jsem právě tak špatná , jako dobrá. Nikdy nepřestanu hledat.
Marcela Maff
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Samolepky na kořenky

Samolepky na kořenky - sada všech 120 kusů / Zboží prodejce Tmavobělka Světlemedová

CarbonCopyPortrait  -  rat tail used to be very common in appaloosas

Tiger Soulon Horse THAT UNIQUE RAT TAIL Is the vintage trait of an appy although I'm not fond of it. The Native American tribe Nez Pierce may have been the first to breed horses with small tails so the tail didn't catch on things while hunting.

Never seen that before but verry pretty!

Somatic Mutation: while it may appear to be striping caused by brindling, this is actually different. It is not caused by chimersim, nor is it inheritable. It is simply a random, once-off mutation.