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four cards with different designs on them and the words written in spanish are shown here
From Sofia Cavalletti's atrium on Via Degli Orsinin in Rome, Italy comes these beautiful Altar II nomenclature packet cards!
four cards with pictures of different objects on them, including a lamp and a clotrum
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd introduces nomenclature to help children more fully participate in the life of the church community. The model altar, designed by Maria Montessori in Barcelona, introduces concrete objects of he Altar tracing packet. Holy family atrium, the Mass or Eucharist. Related card materials allow children to further explore the language of the church. These altar 1 cards are from Holy Family Church in Singapore Catechesis of the Good Shepherd ( CGS) Level 1.
a wooden cabinet filled with lots of different items
CGS- Level 1 Altar 1 and 2
a painting of two hands holding a golden chalicee over a white tablecloth
the crucifix with jesus on it
The San Damiano Cross
St Damiano | the cross that spoke to st francis of assisi the san damiano cross can ...
a person washing dishes with gloves on
a drawing of two hands reaching for something
Human Rights First
La communion aux malades
two hands reaching for each other with one hand over another's shoulder and holding the other
a line drawing of a person holding a wine glass
eucharistie28.gif (598×480)
a drawing of a person with their hands on the ground next to a cross and a coin
epiclesis gesture - Hledat Googlem
a man holding a tray with food on it
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