✯ Sea Coast and Lighthouse - Scotland

Sea Coast Scotland, need we say more.great Uncle owned an Inn along the Sea coast and raised grandmother there.

Barnegat Inlet Lighthouse NJ.

Barnegat Lighthouse "Old Barney" Long Beach Island Barnegat Inlet. New Jersey US Inlet Nj Fine Art Print - Skip Willits.this is beautiful!

Skerryvore Lighthouse Skerryvore (from the Gaelic An Sgeir Mhòr meaning "The Great Skerry") is a remote reef that lies off the west coast of Scotland Isle of Mull Scotland. 56.317778, -7.102500

Skeryvore - Scotland's tallest lighthouse - 10 miles south west of Tiree · Hebrides · Scotland (Pos.: built 1844 by Alan Stevenson;

Aquinnah Lighthouse, Martha's Vineyard

Aquinnah Lighthouse, Martha's Vineyard I would love to see Cape Cod. I'm sure I will just be able to drive thru it:)

Cape Canaveral, FL

Been Here Cape Canaveral Light, Florida. We could go out on the beach at Ponte Vedra & see the the space shuttles go up. At night it looked like a bonfire on the beach.

Huge Waves at Holland State Park, Michigan

Huge Waves at Holland State Park, Holland, Michigan Great lakes, more like Inland Seas!

Cape May Point Lighthouse Storm

Something for budding Coast Guard Lighthouse Technicians to think about. :-) lightning strike at Cape May Point Lighthouse, NJ.

Frisco Bay Marina Lighthouse | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

In the town of Frisco, Colorado, is Lake Dillon and this lovely old Lighthouse. The lighthouse actually sits in the middle of a parking lot at the Frisco Bay Marina. I thought it would like better sitting in the middle of the lake.

Sand Island Lighthouse - Dauphin Island, Alabama

Sand Island Lighthouse - Dauphin Island, AL Will always be thankful for having seen this lighthouse up close;