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the diagram shows how to draw an animal's body and head in different ways
a coloring page with cartoon animals and trees
a drawing of a watering can with flowers in the foreground and text that reads, `
Okul öncesi çizgi-kesme çalışmaları
an image of flower cut outs
Řazení dle velikosti v MŠ
Pracovní list, který si děti mohou vybarvit a vystřihnout. Následně skládají obrázky podle velikosti, čímž rozvíjí zrakové vnímání a prví matematické představy. ♥
several different types of mushrooms with white dots on the top and bottom, all in red
Ordonare dupa marime, grosime, lungime, culoare. FRUCTE SI LEGUME. Jetoane. 31 modele
the number line with a flower on it and numbers to be added in each row
Noel, Flores
Графомоторичке вежбе (линије и бојење) - Зелена учионица
an apple matching game for kids to learn how to match the apples with their names
Toddler Apple Matching Worksheet | Woo! Jr. Kids Activities : Children's Publishing
Apple Picking Activity Sheets | Woo! Jr. Kids Activities