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a wooden table topped with a bowl filled with green plants next to a painting on the wall
5 Faves :: Pinterest Home Decor - Simplified Bee
tree root console table
a wooden table with a ball on top and the words diy wood projects easy kids free
Organic Chic - Home Trends Magazine
This hunk of wood has been left as natural as possible to show the beauty of the tree while acting as a console table.
a wooden table with glass top in a living room
Coffee table Tora Brazil
a glass cube with wood in the middle
Webdesign Blog
When I first saw this naturalist collection, I immediately thought of Jurassic Park and those tiny mosquitoes trapped in the resin. A saved history of this world that would never fall to time. In some ways that's what the design pair, dubbed Alcarol, have done. The company they started makes simplistic furniture, finding the beauty in natures imperfections and trapping them inside resin. Using forest artifacts found around their own homes, Alcarol preserves these items to create visually ...
two tables made out of wood and glass with designs on the top one table is shaped like a tree trunk
60 Naturholzmöbel – Tatsachen darüber, welche Sie sich unbedingt merken sollten
60 Naturholzmöbel - Tatsachen darüber, welche Sie sich merken sollten
an old piano has been painted with colorful paint and is ready to be played on
Coffee, Bunnies, Tea and Pianos
Love this :)
an artisticly painted bench sitting on the sidewalk
18 Cool and Bizarre Piano Designs
Artistic Pianos Pianos are some of the most artful musical instruments ever created, and we all know that they can be truly majestic. What is not known yet is that many painters and artists themselves get enamored by this wonderful instrument and there are several tributes to the piano in an artful way.
two pictures of a building made out of logs in the snow and one has a window
Modern Mobile Log Cabin … or Portable Prefab Pile of Logs?
Anything but your conventional log cabin home, one might see this structure atop a mountain or on a lake and and think it a pile of rough-cut wood logs rather than a cleverly camouflaged modular living and work space. Designed by Hans Linberg, the 'logs' are merely a wood building facade coverin ...
a white tiled wall with a black box in the middle and text above it that reads, bathroom tile has double as cleverness great place to slash
3D Function Tiles for Tiny Bathrooms
white clever tile design
a deer's skull with large antlers is shown against a white wall background
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Deer Skull- RHINESTONES=necklace holder - I NEED this :)