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Floor Plans - Land Yacht 28Exterior Length 28' Exterior Width 8' 5.5" Interior Width 8' 1" Exterior Height with A/C 9' 9" Interior Height with A/C 6' 6.5"

Floor Plans - Land Yacht Length 28 Exterior Width 8 Interior Width 8 1 Exterior Height with A/C 9 9 Interior Height with A/C 6

Essential Winter Camping Hacks The brisk morning temperatures of fall and winter are in full swing and an extra blanket at night is coming clutch ❄️


Vistabule Towing Getting on the road should be easy! So we’ve designed Vistabule to be a snap to tow. Weighing only 1220 pounds, the Vistabule can be towed easily behind almost any car, thanks to our ball hitch and an aerodynamic