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Míša Špínová

Míša Špínová
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No one is you, and that is your power.

Top 30 Famous Inspirational Quotes done

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Serotonin, who us are starved from Dopamine, that’s is worshiped more than god himself Acetylcholine, which is cliché and overdosed by many -October (On left ribs under heart)

You Are Enough Tattoo Idea

we are women illustrative hands tattoo

pinterest: @clxrax ☾

Tattoo by artist Karry Ka-Ying Poon

July 25 2017 at

Little nape tattoo of a keran on Victoria Lee, which is a viking simple for ‘create your own reality’. It also can be seen as an arrow. - Little Tattoos

smalltattoosco: Small back of the neck tattoo of two kenaz on Victoria Lee, which is a rune for ‘create your own reality’. It also can be seen as a minimalist arrow.

Pitbulls Instagram Aww

I need this tattoo pronto!

pit bull silhouette vinyl decal sticker, free shipping!

pitbull silhouette vinyl decal sticker, car and truck windows, macbook, laptop


Paw print paintings by pawprint by JOYcoCreative Cool idea for my pet tat on my arm

Pitbull Sticker Pitbull Decal Bully Breed Pitbull Lover

My dog actually has a heart nose!