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a quote that reads do not worry about your contradictions perspone is both floral maiden and queen of death, you, too, can be both
"Persephone" Sticker for Sale by Nichole McElhaney
"Persephone" Sticker by wtchcrvft | Redbubble
a woman kneeling down in the water with her hand out to catch some pink flowers
Let it be so!
two pictures with one saying nature gives us everything for free and the other says nature doesn't charge us any money
21 Bits Of Truth That Are Hard To Argue With
a black and white drawing of a woman with long hair
an old typewriter with the caption i like my mornings to be slow and quiet
It could also buy me breakfast first. - I like my mornings to be slow and quiet. I want the day to romance me a bit before it tries to fuck me. The Captain Fuckology - iFunny