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Lavender Paloma
Lavender Paloma
Here’s a refreshing twist on a classic that you’ve got to try: the Lavender Paloma. It’s a favorite for its soothing floral notes that balance beautifully with the tartness of grapefruit and the kick of tequila. The hint of lavender adds an unexpected layer, making each sip smooth and memorable. #lavenderpaloma #lavendercocktails
a tall glass filled with ice and cherries next to the words tart cherry bedtime elixir
Tart Cherry Bedtime Elixir
an extra dirty martini in a glass bowl with olives on the rim and text overlay that reads extra dirty martini
Extra Dirty Martini
An extra, extra dirty martini made with loads of olive brine, vodka or gin and dry vermouth for a super fun cocktail hour! | Recipe at BeamingBaker.com
a pink cocktail with lemon juice and blueberries on the rim
Q1908 | Classic Gin Cocktails