bílá voskovka + vodové barvy

The crayon and then dye/ watercolour paint is a good inspiration for card making.

Детское творчество. Открытка к 8 марта / Детское творчество - аппликации, поделки из цветной бумаги, картона, теста, пластилина, пластиковых бутылок для детей / Лунтики. Развиваем детей. Творчество и игрушки

развлечения для деток


Chicken Lover original mixed media collage by Ilse Meurkens. Wish I had known about this when it was available on Etsy. My kitchen used to be "chicken" themed.

Do you enjoy teaching weaving in the art room? Have you found it’s too many needy hands and not enough of you to go around? Often this problem is because students do not have the introductory skill set to feel successful at the current task. Art should make children feel challenged, yes, but also powerful. … … Continue reading →

weaving skills introduction, scaffolding for teaching art, first grade snakes in the grass lesson.

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