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Kaiserin Sissi at hospital | Grand Ladies | gogm

Sisi visits a hospital at Austria!

Assassinated: Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria  was born on December 18, 1863, in Graz,...

Archduke Franz Ferdinand: Heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne whose assassination precipitated the First World War

Wow...mooi detail! Love it!

Wow...mooi detail! Love it!

Austrian dragoon, Alexander Pock

Austrian dragoon, Alexander Pock

A fine depiction of Austrian line infantry in full dress coats. Whenever…

A fine depiction of Austrian line infantry in full dress coats. Whenever possible, all Austrian infantry wore a sprig of oak leaves in their head-wear. This 'feldzeichen' had been the symbol of the Habsburg troops since medieval times.

1:Oberstleutnant,Grenz infantry,c.1855.2:Oberleutenant,German infntry,c.1855.3:Schutze,,German Grenadiers,c.1853.4:Bugler,Kaiser-Jagers,c.1855.

Infantry uniforms of the Austrian Empire by in Types > Graphic Art and osprey

Emperor Franz Joseph

Triple Alliances-Emperor Franz Josef-Austria-Hungary leader during World War 1 (central powers)

Kaiser Franz Joseph I, 1879

AUSTRIA ~ Emperor Franz Joseph I Aug Nov Austria in Husband of Empress Elisabeth “Sissi” (Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie) Dec Sep Bavaria.

Kaiser Franz Joseph

Taking you back to Relive the start of the First World War - Emperor Franz Josef of Austria, in uniform. The Globe and Mail

Combined Photo of Crown Prince Rudolf (Rudolf  Franz Karl Josef) (1858-1889) Austria & his lover Baroness Marie “Mary” Alexandrine Vetsera (1871-1889) Austria by unknown photographer. Intially the deaths were ruled poison but In Jul 2015 Vetsera's letters of farewell to her mother & other family members were found in a safe deposit box in an Austrian bank. Written in Mayerling shortly before their deaths they state clearly that Mary was preparing to commit suicide with Rudolf out of "love".

Mayerling Incident - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Prince Rudolf & The Baroness Vetsera.