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two people sitting on the beach with their feet up and one is holding a painting
a drawing of a duck with yellow feet
an art work with pastel crayons and colored pencils next to it
A Beginner’s Guide to Oil Pastels Drawing: Bonus Tips
a drawing of a wolf with a blue butterfly on its nose
Learn portrait pencil drawing techniques
pencil drawing and sketches
a pastel drawing of a kitten on a blue and white background with the words,
All Fluffed Up by astarvinartist on DeviantArt
a painting of a yellow flower with green stems in the foreground and purple background
two yellow flowers are next to each other on a gray surface with one flower in the foreground
an oil painting of a small white house in the middle of a field with blue flowers
Ute Herrmann – Galleri Habsø A/S – Midtjyllands Kunst Center
daisies and other flowers sitting on top of a piece of wood
a drawing of a brown bear's face with black eyes and fur on it
Baby Fawn | Painting
an oil painting of a path to the beach
Beach Breezes - Georgia Coast
an oil painting of a country road
Breton Michel - Farms dice Marchais-Parfond