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an image of a notepad with writing on it next to some pens and pencils
Tentando não enlouquecer! #study #studyhard #meucantinho #homeoffice #mydesk #s
marble wallpaper stickers in white and black with the words ig stickysticks
BLOG | stickystickies
Free printable: Marble Boxes and Timeline Stickers | stickystickies
pink and black planner stickers
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Black and Blush Printable Planner by PaperCrownPlanner on Etsy
a piece of paper with writing on it
♛ Bullet Journals ♛
vestiblr: I always get messages of people asking for handwriting reference and advice for cute notes, so I decided to make a nice post with some tips! a post of the pens i use (here i was using the 0.1 unipin fineliner) handwriting inspo: laevateinx, studysthetics, yourstudygeek, stuhdys,aspiringstudyblr, nehrdist, intelectum better handwriting for adults pdf how to get neater handwriting ribbon banner tutorial handlettering tutorial for headers/titles
flowers and notebook with the words 12 surprising tricks that will change the way you take college notes
How to Take College Notes You'll Actually Use - The Olden Chapters
Learn how to master college note taking with these amazing tips and ideas! Includes a complete organization system, inspiration for taking pretty notes, the best products, study schedules, how to add textbook notes, and how to use your notes to study for finals. This system is a great way to begin organizing your notebooks for more efficient studying. Read now to begin creating better study skills, beautiful college notes and make your life easier. #college #collegetips #studyspo #studygram
an elephant and giraffe are talking to each other with the caption that says,
American English at State
Other ways to say "Funny"
words similar to unusual are in the same language as other words that appear on this poster
Words similar to 'unusual' #learnenglish @AntriParto
an english poster with words similar to powerful
American English at State
a screenshot of the words and phrases used in an interactive text book for kids
Как разнообразить свою английскую речь #english #vocabulary #английский #словарь
a poster with the words 98 ways to say great
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Different ways to say great