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an old school video game with the words mario run jumping, he jumps far, but not high
Parabolas in Mario??!!
Domain and Range of a Graph
a calculator and some pencils on top of a table with writing paper
Algebra and Beyond
a sheet of paper that has different types of functions and their corresponding numbers on it
a person writing on a piece of paper with the words, 100 % editable math spiral
Math Spiral Review & Quizzes | Homework or Morning Work
Daily Math Spiral Review is a critical component to any math curriculum. This 100% editable math review allows you to customize it to fit your students' needs. Come learn more about this Spiral Math resource (perfect for math homework, math morning work, math warm-ups, and guided math) for grade K-12.
a printable re - do list with the words refach and reasses on it
Reteaching & Reassessing: Giving Kids a Second Chance to Learn – Amber Calderon
Are you an elementary education teacher looking for reteaching strategies and reteaching ideas in the classroom? Download this freebie and lesson plan idea to give assessments after you have taught the standard! A great assessment idea and assessment for learning!
the big list of the best website for teaching math
The best websites for teaching and learning math #learning #teaching #websites
a white paper with black writing on it that says higher order thinking in math?
higher order thinking
four posters with different types of writing on them and the words, numbers, and things to
7 Stellar Routines to Start Your Math Block
You have just a few seconds to get your students engaged at the start of every math lesson. Too often, we don't spend enough time planning how we are going to start our lessons and we just jump right in. This blog post will give you seven highly engaging math routines that you could use to start any math lesson.