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Cloud and rainbow craft idea

Sommerliche Bastel-und Faltarbeit

Paper plate summer craft - cute idea to use for slide flip turn!

Papírvirágok tízszer - Napról napra óvoda

I imagine the kids painting half of a styrofoam cup and painting the flowers "growing" out of it. This could make a gift to mothers for mother's day

Prontinho agora é só diversão :-)

This could be a fun way to create Calder acrobats! Swing From An Empty Shoe Box Project For Kids - by Krokotak - == - By Russian educative website Krokotak, here is a cool project for kids, with a tutorial full of photos that dispenses words.

Malena i love story ever...if you were from my country you would understand

Malena i Klepetan.if you were from my country you would understand

Paper plate bananas...Think up a fun game using them. from:

Paper plate bananas, cut from yellow paper plates. Could make binoculars from TP roll to search for hidden bananas (we're going on a banana hunt!

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cut lily pads, then with square paper concertina fold and glue flowers onto it

říjen 2015

říjen 2015

Laarzen versieren: Een eenvoudig peuter/kleuterwerkje. Print een kleurplaat van laarzen uit op stevig gekleurd papier. Laat ze beplakken van plakkertjes ( ponsapparaatjes) en behangplaksel.

British Columbia Kindergarten Social Studies This isn't it (the link) - want to use the boot to discuss clothing for mucky places -- get into mud and describing what it is like; preferences in playing in mud or not.experiences with mud on farms?

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rain tie to:space



Make a bright and colorful ice cream cone garland out of yarn and paper! Perfect for a birthday or summer party - or just to brighten someone's day!

Make colorful ice cream cone garland out of paper and yarn! Top each cone with cherry pom poms. Great for birthday, summers or any time!

Community helpers

Community helpers

My House drawing prompt - download this free printable and draw your house, with you in it!

My House Drawing Prompt - free printable

My House Drawing Prompt - free printable - Picklebums


styrofoam printing for bowl dish or plate black and white painting on plate to make bowls graphic paintng for icecream