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Indian faces - Sioux Cheyenne Mescalero

Indian faces - Sioux Cheyenne Mescalero

Fox taking goose for a ride.

I have no explanation for this other than the title of the post, "Vintage Animal Oddities." Is it just me or does it look like the fox is trying to smilingly reassure the goose that nothing is amiss while he wheels his dinner home?

. Repin & Like. Thank you . Listen to Noel songs. Noelito Flow.

I dreamt I was trying to explain the beauty of grey clouds and light in the sky but only the one I love understood it, and added to my description with his own, which showed an understanding and a connection that made my heart want to burst!


But inside this old carcass . A young man still dwells, And now and again … . my battered heart swells." --Cranky Old Man when-an-old-man-died-in-the-geriatric-ward-of-art

Foto muy conocida. Los monstruos ruidosos que esperen. Así sí estamos en el orden correcto de las cosas.

It was a sunny summer afternoon, July Harry Warnecke, a photographer for the New York News, got a phone tip that a cat trying to carry its kittens home was tying up traffic because a policeman had stopped the cars on a busy street to allow it to cross.