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the floor has four different colored squares with footprints on them
Outdoor toys - FR - SmartPlayhouse - Modern & luxury playhouses for kids
a red and black ladybug on the ground with numbers painted on it's sides
Tattooed Balloon.. music writers Simon Cox & Brian Costello are now show casing their talents here, with awesome Music and Videos - Home Devon Artist Creating Murals, Watercolours, Oil Paintings, Drawings, Designs, Childrens Fantasy, Dragons and fun! - Playground Paintings
a child's play area with painted walls and street markings on the pavement,
Galeria de fotos :: Criartsdesenhos
an outdoor play area with chalk paint on the ground
Colourful New Cycle Track For South View Nursery - first4playgrounds
South View Nursery Cycle Track
a child's play area in front of a building with chalk drawings on the ground
101 nuevos y divertidos Juegos tradicionales para el patio del cole
Imagination Excercise for kids
a large turtle painted on the ground with numbers and flowers in it's shell
Brincadeiras infantis pintadas no chão
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the sidewalk has many different colored circles painted on it and there is a smiley face in the middle
Playground Markings
Playground Markings