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Marie Kovacsova
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(Open RP, Sam Winchester needed please) It was relatively late at night when I heard a noise at my window. Sure enough, Sam Winchester was outside of my window.

Best Poem Ever! #Naruto #Kakashi #Humor

You text me this and your my date! XD i love kakashi memes😂😂

Ideas For Packing A Delicious, Healthy Lunch. #moms #healthy

Ideas for packing a delicious, healthy lunch. I love these quick and easy lunch ideas :)

Good idea.

The BEST Way to Meet Girls. This is seriously the best idea, ever. It would totally work on me. You know how people buy drinks for girls in bars? Why can' t pe girls books pickup lines Dating funny

This is what they call photographic memory #anime #memes #funny #manga

This is what they call photographic memory anime is this?


Hawkeye knows Luffy's true power. To make friends with anyone, everywhere he goes and even turn powerful former enemies into powerful allies.


Great cardio idea or body weight training workout!

Daily motivation 1/16 21 days until our family cruise.

No junk food diet.

anime, impel down, one piece Luffy ace garp

Yup I didn't need my heart intact and neither do you

Surprise, dammit! by emiru-zvezdanut

by emiru-zvezdanut on DeviantArt