Hand bunny, add goggly eyes, tissue paper, sequin (nose), glitter glue for mouth to jazz this up!

LOVE this simple cut out bunny hand print craft! Children could add "Hoppy Easter" or "Somebunny loves you!" under the folded fingers.

paper hens craft

PAPER HENS Cute and fun printable hen puppet. Great craft to go with a chicken lesson (and the new Hens for Friends book!) If you absolutely love arts and crafts you'll will appreciate our website!

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10+ Fun Easter Crafts & Activities for Kids

Peek-A-Boo Chick This cute Easter craft a kid favorite. Cut out your craft foam pieces using our provided template and assemble them so that your baby chick can hatch out of his beautifully decorated egg. Our daughter played with the peek-a-boo chick cra

Cool Sheep Craft for Kids using stamping and tissue paper! Perfect for spring and Easter! ~ BuggyandBuddy.com

Stamped Sheep Craft for Kids

If you're looking for some colorful and unique spring or Easter crafts for kids, you'll love this stamped sheep craft. We stamped our paper sheep with some tempera paint and then glued them into a colorful, tissue paper flower field!

it's an HSES Arty Party!: ChIcKeNs! ChIcKeNs! ChIcKeNs! love the backgrounds with tissue paper

Cute chicken collages made with tissue and painted paper Texture chicken