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an abstract painting with many different colors and shapes on it's canvas, which is hanging on the wall
Abstract Art | The Art 123
Abstract Painting / Triangles/ Home Decor / Mosaic / rainbow/ colorful / abstract ART / Colorful / Joy
colored pencils are arranged in the shape of cubes
Artwork by Sixth25
Great idea for an art lesson to cover: color, shading, shape, perspective & composition all in 1 lesson. 5th grade
an abstract art for kids book with the title cubist clover
Cubist Clover: St. Patrick's Day Abstract Art For Kids | Woo! Jr. Kids Activities : Children's Publishing
Cubist Clover: St. Patrick’s Day Abstract Art For Kids
four pieces of stained glass sitting on top of a tile floor next to each other
Students used drafting tape to create interesting sections, chose a color and started to mix tints and shades.
two pictures with different colored lines and shapes on them, one is in the process of drawing
Home · Craftwhack
Easy drawing project for kids or for you if you want to make your own easy coloring page. This is fun stuff.
an abstract painting with blue and black lines
Exposition des écoles de Biot 2016 (La géométrie dans l'art) - Lez'arts au soleil
1) Nous avons observé des productions d'élèves : « On voit des triangles. Il y en a des petits, des moyens et des grands. Il y a aussi d'autres formes parce que les triangles sont les uns sur les autres. On voit du bleu, des bleus plus clairs et des bleus...
an art project with different shapes and colors
Primary Colour Gradients II
Art With Mr Hall: Primary Colour Gradients II
an art project with watercolors on paper
An Ocean Painting
Miss Young's Art Room: An Ocean Painting
an art project for kids with watercolors and paint
Calming Watercolour Art
Arty Crafty Kids - Art - Watercolour Art for Kids