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Maglaiz Maglaizowski
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Matança até o topo da escadaria

This piece puts me in mind of the Kalb's dark warriors, tormented by their own souls, gathering in the shadow world, awaiting his command. (The LightBridge Legacy Book III) ✦✥✦ Art credit (?): Assassin's creed artwork - Killer by Yuan

Liches are spellcasters who seek to defy death by magical means. Their immortality is captured in a form reminiscent of their original species. Liches are by definition undead.

just started off as some random demon dude and it ended up becoming a darkspawn.probably got inspired by the new dragon age trailer to some extent vide.darkspawn i guess.and a video

Demiplane city gate

Flavio Bolla - Environment Concept Artist and Illustrator. this is probably my favorite piece because i think the way the artist has made the image seem very simple effective.