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there are many ice floes floating in the water with ropes attached to each one
Unusual Animals Narwhal: Is This The Most Unusual Whale In The World? (VIDEO)
Unusual Animals Narwhal: Is this the most unusual whale in the world? It is about animals that live in the Arctic waters of Canada, Greenland, Norway and Russia. Disable “horn” can grow to five meters. They feed on fish such as flounder and cod, squid and shrimp. FOR unusual teeth (fangs) that pierces the upper lip and grows up to three meters in length narwhal whales often referred to as sea unicorns.
an animal that is in the water with a long rope on it's back
The Narwhal: Species Facts, Info & More | WWF.CA
...... NARWHAL WHALE ...... Northwest Greenland by Monodon monoceros is famous for the long ivory tusk that spirals counter-clockwise up to 9 feet forward from the head of adult males. Once thought to have magical properties, the tusk has recently been shown to have remarkable sensory capabilities – with millions of nerve endings, perhaps to help in locating food. It may also play a role in male dominance. #Narwhal
a coral reef with many small fish swimming around it
Scoperto un tesoro di coralli bianchi nei fondali delle cinque terre (video)
an underwater view of some corals and seaweed
1.5 Warming Oceans Cause Coral Reef Bleaching – Environmental ScienceBites
Bleached bent sea rod coral
an underwater view of corals and fish in the ocean
Coral Reef Destruction: 5 Common Causes of Coral Degradation
bleached coral reef
an underwater view of a coral reef with lots of bleachers and algae growing on it
Great Barrier Reef bleached for unprecedented second year running
Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching worsens as scientists fear heatwave's impact | Environment | The Guardian
an elephant is standing in the grass with its trunk up and it's eyes closed
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
a green chamelon sitting on top of a tree branch
Amazing bugs, reptiles and amphibians photographed by Igor Siwanowicz
epiphany by `Blepharopsis Photography / Animals, Plants & Nature / Reptiles & Amphibians
a white bird with long feathers standing on a wire
20+ Rare Albino Animals You Probably Have Never Seen Before
20+ Rare Albino Animals You Probably Have Never Seen Before #abino #albinoanimals #animals #rare #uniqueanimals #unusual #amazing #bemethis