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Tocador con huacales

My lovely DIY shelf in my guest room using 4 crates stacked together! Simple edge-paint project that ties the colors of the room together immediately. All my guests compliment it all the time. It is very sturdy and holds heavy books to sweaters.

6 wooden crates from Walmart, stain, and chalk paint

6 wooden crates from Walmart, stain, and chalk paint. Can paint names of Planets from Star Wars or places in Harry Potter with what is in them so they look like shipping crates from there.

This smoothie is the perfect gut health remedy; packed full of anti-inflammatories. This smoothie will help soothe and heal the gut; it's a great smoothie for those suffering with irritable bowel syndrome, crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

This smoothie will improve your digestion and settle your gut. The perfect healthy dairy free smoothie. This anti-inflammatory recipe is perfect smoothie for IBS, IBD and leaky gut.

White shelves hang from concrete walls at shoe shop by Elia Nedkov

White Shelves Hang From Crumbly Concrete Walls In Bulgarian Shoe Shop By Elia Nedkov for bag display against adjacent wall