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Medieval Wound Man, “…a compendium of all the injuries that a body might sustain.”

Medieval Wound Man, c. Wound Man is an illustration which first appeared in European surgical texts in the Middle Ages. It laid out schematically the various wounds a person might suffer in battle or in accidents.

Crowned figure of Death, 1450- 1500. Medieval illuminated manuscripts 15TH century .

Detail of a full-page miniature of a Memento Mori with a banner reading 'Memento homo quod sinis es et in sinere reverteris', from The Hours of René d’Anjou, France (Paris), c. Egerton MS f.

Medieval piper from the Cantigas de Santa Maria by lmainjohnson7, via Flickr

SPAIN / Medieval - An illustration from the codex of the Cantigas de Santa Maria. The Canticles of Holy Mary are 420 poems with musical notation, written in the during the reign of Alfonso X "The wise" and often attributed to him.

Musical Instruments and musicians.

"Allegory of Music" Boethius: De arithmetica, De musica c. 1350 Manuscript (V. century Colorful cote-hardies with sleeve extensions, long hanging lappets. The Medieval music instruments: Vielle;