Magdaléna Roztočilová

Magdaléna Roztočilová

Magdaléna Roztočilová
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clearwing tussock moth

See the panda on his back? Mariposa com um desenho de urso panda (Perina sp. família Lymantriidae), encontrada na China. Moth with a panda bear draw, clearwing tussock moth (Perinea sp. family Lymantriidae), found in china.

Não sei quem é o autor, mas é belíssimo!

From arachnids to insects, journey into the world of macro photography and see the wonder of these creatures in ultra close-up detail.

Pearl droplets: Stunning images of dew

Who Is the Master Who Makes the Grass Green? - but does it float Macro photographs of insect eyes by Yudy Sauw Tittle: ~Robert Anton Wilson

Loz Chalk,Untitled,2011, Fishing line, fluorescent...

Loz Chalk Untitled 2011 Fishing line, fluorescent spray paint, acrylic sheet, Sellotape & wooden plinth