Czech castles and other interesting places

Historical, natural and other remarkable places in the Czech Republic, where I was (and which I like)
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Nelahozeves - The village where was born Antonín Dvořák and also a residence of the noble family of Lobkowicz.

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Luhačovice - Luhačovice is the largest Moravian spa with a long tradition of spa treatment for respiratory tract, digestive organs, diabetes, and kinetic apparatus dysfunction. Famed are the natural medicinal springs, favourable climactic conditions and pleasant surroundings, in which beautiful nature is wed with typical architecture.

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Lešná - chateau is in the ZOO Lešná area

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Prachovské skály - One of the most beautiful spots in the Czech Republic is Česky ráj or The Czech Paradise, situated nearly 100km northeast of Prague. The eastern gateway to this ever more visited area with its range of marvels are the Prachov Rocks.

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Hrubá Skála - chateau is also a hotel

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