Rat army ( cheese puff)

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a toy mouse sitting in a bathtub reading a paper with a lamp on top
25+ Genuinely Funny Pictures That Made Us Smile
an animal with a cross on it's back and the words ameno written in white
Você é mais AMENO ou mais DORIME?
a toy mouse in a pink tutu with a tiara and sparkles on it's head
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a mouse in a red dress on top of a book
How can you say no?
a pink rat with the word ratz on it's back and its tail sticking out
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a toy mouse in a pink dress with a crown on it's head and holding a wand
Крысёныш 😈
a white rat climbing up the side of a pole with it's tail hanging down
This is my motivation
a small rodent sitting on top of a person's leg in a room
19 Cute Animals That Look Scary When They're Soaking Wet
a toy rat is standing on top of a red mat and wearing a black leather jacket