In memory of Dad ♥

Such fond memories of Dad...
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fireworks in the shape of a heart with words love never dies
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a person holding a coffee mug with the san francisco bridge on it in front of a potted plant
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a poem written in white on a red background with the words, about my son
Certain sorrows will never fade away until the heart stops.
a man sitting at a desk next to a horse
Mr Ed - Alan lane voice of Mr Ed
two men are jumping in the air near an above ground swimming pool and one man is holding onto another man's leg
Surprised we never cracked out heads!
three boxes of chocolate with the caption who remembers getting a box of these during the holidays?
Merry Christmas❤Miss U❤
a horse with the words mister god in front of it
❤❤❤❤Mr. Ed TV Program-- loved this show as a kid! Didn't everyone watch this?
three different images of water and clouds in the dark night sky, with one being blown up
Lovely bubbly! Beluga whales are the ocean's cleverest creatures, but they aren't above a spot of fun
Remember when dad blew smoke rings!...
an advertisement for the old school parfait, which is green with silver trim
Soft Water
Brut smell always makes me think of the smell! I saved his last bottle of it. xoxo
a card with the words dad and an angel wings on it, in blue ink
Donate to Headstone for my Angel (Dad), organized by Aileen Taylor
Happy Birthday Dad! Missing you..