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Picture of Jordan Spencer and Celeste Seda

National Geographic "Visualizing Race, Identity, and Change": What a fantastic project in identity, race, and speaking of your culture in 6 short words. Perfect for the growing generations that are perplexed by what box to check in life.

Steve McCurry

Yemenite tribes of Tayyi and Madhij were notoriously black and the early Arabic…

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Receding forehead and chin. It calls for an arrangement of curls or bangs over the forehead. Keep the style close to the head at the nape an move hair forward in the chin area.

Beautiful Morocco

A girl wearing a traditional tribe costume. The Amazigh are a sub group of the Berbers, a semi-nomadic people of Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and other areas of North West Africa.

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Herbalist d&d - add some high tech gear and she could be a Traveller botanist/biologist