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learn more in my Youtube video on raising your vibration Alchemy, Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing Spirituality, Meditation Practices, Energy Healing, Spiritual Wisdom, Spiritual Awakening
how to raise your vibration 🪐
learn more in my Youtube video on raising your vibration
Manifest your dream life
Use this spell to help the universe guide you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of ✨🌈🔮 check out my witchcraft store for money rice, spell candles and beginner witchy kits & more! Link in bio 🔮💜 #witchcraft
Potpourri, Herbs, Herbal Magic, Herbal Remedies, Smell Good, Herbalism, Scents, Potpourri Recipes
Breath of abundance | spell
an autumn house cleaning poster with various items to clean and maintain the air in your home
Readings by Grace on Instagram: “Cleanse your house and bring in lots of blessings with this lovely steam. Say a prayer for all that you wish for you, your family and your…”
Halloween, Pagan, Spiritual, Witch Aesthetic
an illustrated poster showing the different types of summer pot
Summer Simmer Pot
the instructions for how to use an info sheet
Spiritual Manifestation, Rituals, Healing
Protection Spells, Witch Spell Book, Witch Rituals, Witch Tarot, Spell Book, Magic Spell Book
Saturday Magick
a birthday card with a candle on it and some bubbles in the background that say, happy birthday rituals
an info sheet describing how to shake off bad vibes with other things in the background
Protect your energy
the hair magick info sheet shows how to use it for different types of hair
Beauty Secrets, The Secret
a poster with words describing the different things that spell in english and spanish, as well as pictures
candles that are labeled in different colors
Candle Colors For Manifestation: A Complete Guide
Metaphysics, Ancient Technology
HOW TO MAKE ALTARS THAT WORK 🕯️ The History of Halloween, Dia de Los M
Witchcraft Books, Crystal Healing Chart
types of water
an animal guide with different animals and their names on it's side, including the wolf
a poem written in blue with an image of a woman holding a dove and the words winter solstice blessings
a pink card with an eye on it and the words candle - magick omens
Candle Magic
Happiness, Inspiration, Self Healing, Self Help
a poster with instructions on how to use glamour witch tips for halloween makeup
Stormy's Spellbook
Organisation, Weekly Astrology, Planning Your Day, Weekly Planning, Personal Growth Plan, Week Planner, Daily Routine Habits
How to Plan Your Week According to the Planets - The Blissful Mind
The Simple Guide to Boost your Purposes by Wearing Rings Intentionally
The Simple Guide to Boost your Purposes by Wearing Rings Intentionally
a poster with the words wednesday magic rituals on it and images of different things
The Clumsy Witch
The Clumsy Witch
Tarot Spreads, Tarot Readers, Paganism
The Clumsy Witch
a poster describing the benefits of money and how to use it
The Clumsy Witch
an info sheet describing how to use the magic rituals for your skin care routine
The Clumsy Witch
Spell Cast, Black Candles, Self Discipline, Wearing Black, Absorbent, It Cast
The Clumsy Witch
Spellbound, Witchy
Writing Tips, Psychic Development, Psychic