Markéta Kosinová

Markéta Kosinová
Czech Republic / Student of Fine Art
Markéta Kosinová
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Muramasa Kudo - Cat and Wasp. Muramasa Kudo was born in Japan, 1948. A multi-talented artist, his origins are in Japanese Calligraphy. In his teens he sought tutelage from a Calligraphy master and flourished winning three world titles. From his training he became a painter and a sculptor

Beautiful simplicity and exquisite balance in this painting. Cat and Wasp. By Muramasa Kudo, Japan. Gold Leaf & acrylic on canvas.

I LOVE this  Tetsuo Aoki

Tetsuo Aoki - Swamped feeling, and tight proximity of objects as to give off a claustrophobic feel. The grey colour scheme and strange forms of the people make you feel a little perturbed.

Karolina Koryl jul 2015

Karolina Koryl / Reminds me of exquisite corpses.