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Engaging students in learning by integrating learning

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How to get students engaged in their learning by using their passions and topics that are current in every day life.

How to Get Students Engaged in Learning

This blog offers opinions on using the interests of children to engage them in learning. It's a useful real-world example of the belief in children's interest to promote learning.

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This document discusses integrated curriculum in the classroom and forefronts the benefits of teaching and learning using this method.

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Clinton Swaine on Experiential Learnin. Benefits and implementation of experiential learning

Anchored Instruction

Anchored Instruction |

Why "quality time" benefits the learning process

This website focuses on Project Based Learning and provides an array of resources to educators on how and why it engages students in learning. I recognise project based learning as a tool for meaningful learning which links to my philosophy of learning for a purpose.

Examples of integrated learning with further resources. This relates to my belief in integrated curriculum to engage students in learning by focusing on everyday, meaningful topics which affect them.