Tomáš Šimeček

Tomáš Šimeček

Tomáš Šimeček
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Tack för alla fina hejarop angående mitt 'vinterparadis'! Ni är alldeles för snälla... Så välordnat som vi har det där... har vi verkligen d...

Your garden doesn't have to be dull this Christmas. Make beautiful wreaths and decorate bare branches and shrubs with lights.

cute for the front porch and fresh rosemary for cooking

Several good ideas for decorating the winter garden. Making a big ball with evergreen (moss, leaves, pine, anything) and turning into a "tree" is really clever.

liefde voor brocante

Christmas greenery wreath with cow bells angling from rope.I love the simplicity of this wreath.cute or a farm, and the bells would ring anytime someone entered.

22 Ideas How To Decorate Your Porch

Check out our cool collection of Christmas porch decoration ideas. Your front porch is the first thing people notice when they look at your home. Embrace your visitors with a festive holiday display at your threshold. Let the sights and