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an ad for the wd 40 product
What does WD-40 stand for? "Water Displacement #40". Read the history on the picture and see the 40 ways you can use WD-40. #wd-40
a tube of waxing next to a sponge and an adhesiver for it
Drywall Repair Kit,2 Pack Wall Mending Agent,Wall Spackle with Scraper, Wall Surface Hole Fill Quick and Easy Solution
a door with the words repairing rotted door jambs
Repairing rotted door jambs.
My customer had 6 door jambs that had rot in about the same place and size. These were large double door units and I did not want to remove the unit and replace the complete jamb.
there is a table with some tools on it and the words how to remove paint
How to Easily Remove Paint & Varnish from Old Furniture!
two pairs of gold earrings with scallops on the back of each earring
Geenite Furniture Knob Handles Golden Drop Pendant Pull Handle Fashion Ginkgo Leaf Shape Dresser Knobs for Kitchen Bathroom Cabinet Door Drawer 2 pcs
a wooden table with white paint on it
a love story: barkeepers friend + me.
design dump: a love story: barkeepers friend + me. - , as i was researching oxalic acid, an article caught my eye that said that the active ingredient in bar keepers friend was OXALIC ACID! i was super skeptical, so i tried seeing if i could find any pictures of of before and afters of people using this method....i am not gonna lie. there were only a few. and none of them very convincing, but i decided to give it a try. I let it sit for about 3 minutes, and could totally se
How To Patch A Hole In A Hollow Door.
Woodworking Wonders: 30 Simple DIY Projects for First-Time Builders! 🌲🔨
Discover the joy of woodworking with these easy and enjoyable DIY projects! From stylish shelves to charming plant stands, this collection is tailor-made for beginners. Let the sawdust fly and your creativity soar! #WoodworkingWonders #DIYCrafts #BeginnerWoodProjects