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The award-winning plant trolley / caddy for pots of all shapes and sizes.
This little donut on wheels is getting rave reviews for its sleek, lux look and its ability to make moving pots of all shapes and sizes, easy. Only 30cm in diameter with an 18cm hole in the middle, Plant Glider can be used under square pots and rectangular pots, as well as round pots, even those with bigger bases than 30cm. Warranted for loads up to 90kg, you can use Plant Glider with most of the pots inside and outside your home, as long as it’s on a hard surface. Love them or your money back!
an abstract black object is shown against a white background
Path Floor Mould AS (Size: 43 x 43CM)
Path Floor Mould is a paving mold used to make a cement (or red mud) garden path. It consists of irregular holes, which can fill the cement slurry in the mold, and then smooth the upper part by hand. When dry, take out the loading mold and sprinkle the stone sand (or plant the grass) in the gap. Suitable for gardens, meadows, balconies, villas and more. Easy to operate, ladies and children can also DIY their own garden. It can be used repeatedly or multiple times at the same time until all the r
$39.99💓360° Swivel Hammock
😍Your backyard needs this Hammock! ☁️🌈Perfect for reading a book, napping, or simply soaking up the sun🌞
an image of a house that is made out of black slats and has wooden floors
Garth | Ola Architecture Studio | Hunting for George
purple and green plants are in front of a building with an open door on the side
Landscaping Ideas: 11 Design Mistakes to Avoid - Gardenista
Garden Design - modern, structural design. lovely
a white house with the words mini house tour on it's front door and cactus
a potted plant sitting next to a wooden door
The Light House at Norah Head | Projects
there is a plant in the middle of this garden bed, and it's brown color
Above ground & retaining
an exterior view of a modern house with stone walls and trees in the foreground
Pin de Savanna B en Casas en cerro en 2022 | Casas de campo, Arquitectura, Casas
the instagram page shows an outdoor dining area with black chairs and table, surrounded by greenery
#outdoordining #outdoordiningspaces #outdoordiningarea #outdoorliving #outdoordecor #gardeninspirati
a small pool in the middle of a garden with lawn and chairs around it, surrounded by greenery
34 Cool Small Swimming Pool Ideas | HomeMydesign
an outdoor garden with steps leading up to trees and plants on either side of the path
10 Grassless Backyards
purple flowers in a pot with the words 8 plants that repel bugs and mosquitoes
8 Plants That Repel Bugs and Mosquitoes
an outdoor swimming pool with green plants growing on the wall and above it, next to a building
Small Backyard Pool Ideas — 9 Ways to Make a Splash in the Tiniest of Spaces
10 small backyard pool ideas to squeeze into a tiny space | Livingetc
a living room with white furniture and flowers in vases on the windows sill
four different views of an outdoor living room with plants and couches in the foreground
an outdoor garden with plants growing on the walls and in the ground, next to a building
Fulham - Garden Club London
a modern house with stone steps leading to the front door
Contemporary Interior Design | Vancouver
a chair sitting next to a swimming pool surrounded by greenery
Herb Storage Capsule Case Vegetable Preservation Bottle Cup Type Food Storage Container
the interior of a modern house with glass walls and stone benches in front of it
Gallery of Conecta House / Ticiane Lima Arquitetura & Interiores - 3
the house is surrounded by greenery and concrete
Incredibly luxe mansion on the Noose River named best in Australia
an outdoor area with stepping stones and grass in front of a building that is white
Nala Design's Calming Glen Iris Family Home