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Sonča Čermakova

Sonča Čermakova
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Blood Rose OC Heart Pony by pyrestriker on deviantART

Another OC Pony - Blood Rose Done for *BloodMoonWerewolf I liked the idea of the Cutie Mark included when I did Ginger Snap. So any OCs where I have to make a fresh mark, I'll be putting in this st.

Heart LUNA

Lunar heart is 13 years old. She loves to take naps and draw. She loves to listen to her favorite pony band, Pony Direction, in her free time.

The Great And Adorable Heart Pony by on @DeviantArt

And now Trixie. Heart ponies were first concepted by The Great And Adorable Heart Pony

Infiniti is 11 and she loves to play board games. ADOPTED BY @gianapalumbo

OC: Plausocks For Of course, the pony hearts were first concepted by *BambooDog Plausocks OC Heart Pony