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Aneta Koňárková

Aneta Koňárková
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Night Court Insignia

Here are the iPhone backgrounds of the Night Court Insignia! I’ve formatted it so that the symbols (hopefully) don’t touch the date and ‘slide to unlock’ part.

Empire of Storms - Chaol [Spoilers]

I had mixed feelings about Chaol, but after Nehemia, I hated him. Especially in QoS. But after reading ToD. This scene was a major turning point for him. And I think that, as he forgave Aelin and Rowan and himself.

Empire of Storms - Lorcan [Spoilers] LORCAN! I love him and Fenrys so much

Empire of Storms - Lorcan [Spoilers] I really don't like this guy though. Like srsly you have to be f'ed up to 'love' Maeve. Go away you don't deserve Aelin's forgiveness or Elide's heart.

Lorcan by morgana0anagrom. Heir of Fire. Queen of Shadows. Empire of Storms. Sarah J Maas

“finally finished painting our beloved grumpy old man Lorcan from throne of glass series by hope you guys will like it xoxo and which character do you want me to paint next?