Shukugawa Sakura Sagyosyo | Cari Mateo

Found these great linen bags with embroidery on both sides in the Japanese handmade market site, Creema. These are sold under the brand name, Shukugawa Sakura Sagyosyo. The Japanese embroidery met… Supernatural St

DIY Home Decor Sashiko Embroidery Kit Nigiyaka by SakePuppets

DIY Home Decor Sashiko Embroidery Kit: Nigiyaka Tea-for-Two Coaster and Placemat Set w/gray polka dot backing

Laurel says:i can supply the pillow form (less bulky to send :) in any color or print fabric or thread for the flower design. NO roses please (I hate them)

Hand Embroidered - Linen Pillow Cover - 16x16

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