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Lukáš Vágner

Lukáš Vágner
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iPhone 6/6s wallpaper

Beautiful wallpaper or background

Sky Cloud Fly Blue Summer Sunny #iPhone #6 #plus #wallpaper

Free stock photo of sky, flying, clouds, blue sky

Sunshine Undersea Ocean View Deep #iPhone #6 #plus #wallpaper

This is a picture of sun rays shining underneath water. I chose this picture because I thought it was really beautiful with the streaks that the light made through the water and the shadows that the light created on the sand.

Rio Verde, a beautiful gorge in a wonderful protected area, Andalucía, Spain.

Rio Verde, a beautiful gorge in a wonderful protected area, Andalucía, Spain.

Pueblo Blanco, Andalucia, Spain

Study Abroad in Spain and become fluent in Spanish Pueblo Blanco, Andalucia, Spain

Plaza de Leones at Alhambra Palace / Granada, Spain

Plaza de Leones at the Alhambra Palace, Granada, Andalusia, Spain. The Alhambra…

Setenil de las Bodegas (Cádiz) es uno de los pueblos más curiosos de España por su entramado urbano. Éste se fue construyendo en el tajo del río, donde multitud de casas fueron construidas (sin exc…

Setenil de las Bodegas is a town (pueblo) in the province of Cádiz, Spain, famous for its dwellings built into rock overhangs above the Rio Trejo.

Vista de Cuenca Spain

Vista de Cuenca, Castilla-La Mancha / Spain (by mlalmorox). The Marshall Center has 27 alumni from Spain as of April

Top 5 Things To Do In Nerja, Spain

Nerja is a highlight of the Costa Del Sol with miles of sandy beaches, top seafood, incredible ancient caves and the Balcony of Europe.

Walking the hanging bridges of Los Cahorros Monachil, Granada

A visit to the hanging bridges of Monachil makes a fantastic day out for the whole family. Waterfalls, rock pools for swimming.